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API (changes)


Binom ≤1.8 Binom ≥1.9 Description
date_ct create_date Campaign creation timestamp
ts ts_name Traffic source
LP_CTR lp_ctr ts_name
CR cr CR (Conversion Rate) = Leads / Clicks * 100%
EPC epc Average Revenue per click = Revenue / Clicks
CPC cpc Average cost per click for the selected period = Spend / Clicks
rev revenue Income (Revenue)
spend cost Cost
lp_cl landing_clicks Amount of clicks on land (LP Clicks)
off_cl offer_clicks LP Clicks - Direct
note is_note Campaign notes
link url Tracking URL of compaign
order order_name Column number for sorting. For example: &order_name=clicks - sort by clicks
type order_type ASC - sort ascending, DESC - sort descending


All columns' names shifted to lowercase, whitespaces replaced by underscore and other.

Binom ≤1.8 Binom ≥1.9 Description
Level level Group level
Name name Clicks table
Clicks clicks Сlicks table
LP Clicks offer_clicks LP Clicks table
LP CTR lp_ctr LP CTR table
Leads leads Leads table
CR cr CR table
EPC epc EPC table
CPC cpc СPC table
Revenue revenue Revenue table
Spend cost Cost table
Profit profit Profit table
ROI roi ROI table
Now the value keys look like this:


Update costs

Instead of type and value parameters, there is now one cost or cpc parameter.

Binom ≤1.8 Binom ≥1.9 Description Example
type - 1 - Cost (full cost), 2 - CPC (cost per click) 1.5
value - New cost of the click, or total cost of the traffic per period (depending on the type of update) 23.5
- cpc New cost per click 23.5
- cost New full traffic cost for a period 23.5
token_id token_number Number of the token if you want to update costs based on a certain value of the token 2
token_val token_value Value of the token

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