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Stats clearings

All statistics in the tracker consume space, and the more clicks you have, the more space they take on your server. Typically, one million clicks consumes around 2-3 GB, and over time, the expansion of the database can lead to an emergency server stop when it runs out of free space.
You can view the remaining free space on the server on the Monitor tab:
To avoid problems with free space, it is recommended to clean up old campaigns periodically. If you’ve forgotten to check and the amount of free space has reached its minimum value - the tracker will give the corresponding error:

How do I clean a campaign?

1. At the Campaigns tab, select the campaign and click Clear

2. Select time interval, start time and click Clear:

You can set it to clear at a time in future, for example, to clean the campaign six months after its launch.

3. Go to the Monitor tab to view the progress of clearing.

Please note that the clearing process consumes server resources and its speed automatically adjusts to the current load (on average 10,000-20,000 clicks per minute), therefore it is not recommended to perform clearing in hours of maximum load of the tracker.


You can perform campaign statistics clearings automatically and store clicks data for a certain amount of time, for example, 90 days.
To do so you need to set a maximum perioid for how long your campaign stats are going to be stored:

Be careful, this setting will get your old clicks removed in ALL campaigns.
If you want to keep old data in some of your campaigns, you can mark them as exceptions to prevent them from being auto-cleared: