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Offer creation

To create a new offer in the system, press the Create button in the Offers tab.

The following window will appear:


Tracker doesn’t generate the offer name based on the other parameters and gives you the complete freedom of naming your offers. Use your system. We recommend to write its number in the beginning of the name in the offer network, for example (8723). This will simplify its searching when offers will be hundreds. But the cost of conversion should not write, because tracker indicates it itself in the statistics in the window of selection in your campaign settings.


Specify here the link to the offer from your offer network. In the place where you should paste clickid, add the {clickid} token.


You can use tokens in the URL. For example, the {campaign} token passes the campaign id. Thus, if the advertiser does not like quality of the traffic, he can tell you from which campaign the "bad" traffic is going. Token {trafficsource} can be used similarly.
The following tokens are available:

{clickid}id of click
{user_id}ID of user in tracker
{campaign}ID of campaign-source click
{campaign_name}Name of campaign
{path_name}Name of path in campaign
{rule_name}Name of rule in campaign
{campaign_key}Key of campaign
{trafficsource}ID of traffic source
{trafficsource_name}Name of traffic source
{external_id} or {externalid}External ID token
{domain}Domain of campaign
{lander}ID of landing page
{referer}Referer of click
{time}Time of click
{htime}Encrypted time of click
{device_name}Full device name where the click came from
{device_brand}Device brand
{device_model}Device model
{browser_name}Browser name
{browser_version}Browser version
{resolution}Resolution of display
{os_name}User’s operation system
{os_version}OS version
{country}User’s country
{country_code}Code of country
{language}User's language
{city}Город пользователя
{isp}Mobile operator
{ip}User’s IP-address
{user_agent}Browser User Agent
{offer}ID of offer
{payout}Выплата за конверсию
{t1}, {t2}, {t3} ... {t10}Sources tokens
{event1}, {event2} ... {event10}Events (1, 2, 3 .. 10)
{tName:NAME}Traffic source tokens by name ({tName:zoneid})

You can click on any token button under the URL entry box and appropriate parameter with its token will automatically be added to the URL. Second click will remove token from the URL.


When you append an offer, it’s desirable to indicate the country. For international offers, this field can be left blank.


Groups are needed for a quick search when you select an offer in your campaign settings, or to view the group statistics in the Offers tab. It’s possible to group by vertical, category, type of traffic, and so on. Again, tracker leaves the freedom of action. You can also group landers, based on your personal work system. To add a new group, choose from the list the Add new item. Under the list will appear a new field for the name of the new group.


You can specify the fixed payout for each conversion or tick the Auto option. In this case, the tracker will get the value from the payout token, which must be indicated in the postback URL in your offer network.


In some cases, you need to get a few conversions at one clickid, for example, if you are working with payout by subscription. When the Upsell option is active and you get a new conversion on clickid for which the conversion was already done, the tracker will add to the current conversion amount the new conversion sum. I.e. the number of conversions will be the same, but the amount will increase. Pay attention, if status-scheme is activated this field will be ignored.

Once you fill all the fields, press the Save button. The offer will be add to the system.

Conversion Cap

In offer settings you can set the daily limit of conversions, after which the tracker will send traffic to another offer. Here you need to select the time zone of your aff. network and where your traffic will go after reaching the cap – to the other offices in the campaign path or to the chosen alternative offer (which should be indicated in any case, since the situation with cap overflow possible with all offers).

In the campaign settings, you can see current limit and amount of conversions.

Bulk upload

In order to add offers to the tracker in batches, click the Import button. A window will open. Copy the following format:
Name|URL|Payout [|Country (US,UK etc.)|Group|Affiliate network|Upsell("Upsell" or blank space)]
One line for one offer. Values in [ ] brackets are optional. If you do not specify them, the tracker will set empty values.
In the group place you need to specify its ID.
After all rows added - click Import at the bottom of the window to add offers.