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Google Ads integration

Google Ads is among the biggest traffic sources, but it doesn't support the passing of the costs on the GET parameter. We've come up with an API integration that will allow you sync the costs between Google Ads and Binom campaigns

How it works

The cost sync happens via API. For it to work, these conditions must be met:
1. The campaign in the tracker must be getting new clicks (meaning that if the campaign doesn’t get new clicks, the costs will not be updated for that campaign);
2. The campaign url must have a {campaignid} token;
3. {campaignid} token must be Token 1 in the settings of the Google Ads traffic source in the tracker;

4. The campaign in the tracker must be linked to an existing Google Ads account;

The campaign in the tracker can only sync costs for the current day, meaning that you cannot link the Google Ads account to the tracker and expect a cost update for previous days when there was no link between the two.

The cost sync happens once every 30 minutes by the {campaignid} token. Meaning that the overall cost from the Google Ads campaign (for today) will be equally spread among all the clicks of the tracker (for today) with the said campaignid.

Adding an account

Go to the Traffic Source tab and click Accounts button:
You need to select "Google" in the top rightmost selector and press Create:

Now you need to login to your Google account:

or choose an existing one:

Allow access to the binom_api:

Select the desired Customer ID from the list and link it to the campaign using the button + Add Campaign(s).

Setting up advertisements in Google Ads

When you set up a Google Ads advertisement - your campaign URL must have the token &campid={campaignid}.