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Importing campaigns from Binom v1 to Binom v2

It is possible to transfer all your campaign settings from the v1 tracker to the Binom v2 tracker, including their links, as well as rotations, landing pages (excluding integrated ones), offers, traffic sources, domains, column settings, and more.

To import/export campaigns, you will need a Binom v1 tracker updated to version 1.17 and a clean Binom v2 tracker.

1. In the old tracker, go to the Settings >> Import/Export
2. Download the tracker export file in .binom format

3. In the new tracker, go to the Import section

4. Upload the previously saved .binom export file
5. Wait for the import procedure to complete, after which a message will appear about its result and the changes made in accordance with the import restrictions:

Import limitations

At the moment, there are the following restrictions when importing campaigns to Binom v2:

- Statistics and clicks from the old tracker will not be imported.
- Integrated landing pages will not be imported, their files must be uploaded separately.
- URL customization settings will not be imported.
- If another campaign was used as an offer in the rotation settings of your campaign, that offer must be added manually.
- All tracker users will be transferred with full rights.
- The time zone of the new tracker will be set to UTC +0, if necessary, it can be changed immediately after import.