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Tracker installation

Server Requirements

To run Binom tracker you are going to need a dedicated or VPS server with the following minimum requirements:
Parameter Description
OS Ubuntu 22.04
CPU 2 cores/threads
Available free space on the disc At least 50GB
Virtualization KVM
These are the minimum requirements. The optimal server configuration depends on the desired performance and daily traffic volume. In case you have any doubts on what server to choose, please use our guide on server selection.


To avoid conflicts with third-party software and to achieve optimal performance the installation must be done on a clean server that does have any of your other working projects running.
  • Connecting to the server
    • Windows

      1. Download Putty

      2. Start it, in the Host Name (or IP address) field enter your IP, click Open

      3. In the pop-up window click Yes

      4. Enter your login/password (input characters will not be shown on the screen). You can simply copy your password and paste it into Putty by clicking the right mouse button:

    • Mac OS

      1. Open Terminal

      2. Execute:

      ssh login@IP
      login — your login
      IP — IP of your server

      3. Type yes and press Enter

      4. Enter SSH password (input characters will not be shown on the screen), press Enter

Once you have connected to the server you can begin installation which should take about 10 minutes:

1. Download the installation script using this command:
wget -O /root/

2. Run the installation script with this command:
bash /root/ install

3. Follow the instructions appearing on the screen:

4. Once the tracker is installed you are going to see the login credentials. Make sure to save this data. It's generated automatically and can't be recovered:

Frequently asked questions

Q: I already have my own server with another operating system: CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD. Can I install the tracker on that server?

Binom v2 supports only Ubuntu 22.04 as an OS to achieve optimal performance and smooth integration with other apps and services. If you already have a server with a different OS we suggest contacting your hosting provider to reinstall the operating system.

Q: Can I use the tracker with a web-panel (ISP manager, cPanel) to install additional domains and upload files?

Binom v2 allows you to add your own domain and upload files directly from a dashboard, no additional software is needed.