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MagicChecker integration

MagicChecker is one of the leading traffic filter solutions which can help you to detect bots and proxy/VPN traffic.
You should sign up and pay a subscription for this service in order to work with it.

MagicChecker setup

You should create a campaign at MagicChecker side and setup required filters.
Safe Page
You can use any link as Money Page since it won't be involved in the traffic flow. Traffic will be sent in the Binom campaign instead.
You should use white lander or something like white page as the Safe Page. MagicChecker will send moderators/bots to this link. However, you can manage the Safe page in the tracker too.

After campaign is created you should copy its ID:

Tracker setup

You should add MagicChecker campaign ID in the Integrations menu in tracker campaigns:

Tracker will start to analyze traffic with MagicChecker and send real traffic to the tracker campaign (paths and rules), while bad traffic will go to the Safe Page from MagicChecker campaign. If you want to manage safe page from the tracker - you can do it in the Safe Page URL:

Please note that tracker will record only real traffic passed through MagicChecker filter. Bad traffic won't be recorded in the tracker, you'll see these clicks only in MagicChecker.
If you want to see bad traffic statistics in the tracker - you can add a particular tracker campaign as Safe Page URL.