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Rotation - a template for path and rule settings for campaigns. Rotations are convenient to use when you have several campaigns with the same conversion funnel and you need to manage path settings for these campaigns from one place. In addition, rotations can be useful when you need to quickly switch the funnel in one campaign to another template.

Create a rotation

Go to Rotations > Create.

Name, group

Name your rotation and create a group for it (you'll be able to sort rotations by group, it's pretty neat).


Click + Campaigns to add campaigns which will work according to this rotation. Be careful — once the rotation is saved, the traffic will be distributed according to the rotation settings, and not the campaign settings.

Traffic distribution

Now you need to set paths, landng pages, offers, and rules just like you did it for your campaigns.

How do I apply rotations to campaigns?

The are two ways to do this:
1. The first way is described above. Go to (Rotations > Create > + Campaigns).
2. Specify a rotation in the campaign settings.

Let's get into the second way. Go to the campaign settings. At the upper right side of the page you'll see the current traffic distribution option — Custom. To apply a rotation to a campaign, select it in the dropdown menu. Distribution settings will be loaded to the campaign. Click Save.