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With notifications tracker can report you about updates, high load or critical errors (for example, if your server runs out of space) in a convenient way. In addition, notifications allow you to monitor a configured triggers execution in the tracker in real time.

At the moment, Binom has four notification templates - email, telegram, sms and webhook.
Using the System message switch, you can enable sending of critical tracker errors, for example, send them to telegrams, but not to mail.


After setting up this notification, you will receive a confirmation email. This notification will not work if you don’t confirm it from your e-mail.


To set up notifications you will need your own bot.

  • Creating and configuring of a bot in Telegram
    • To create a new bot, you need to write the @BotFather /newbot command.
      Next, you will be asked to choose a name for the bot and its unique username.

      From reply you need to copy an authorization token:

      and add it to the notification settings:

      next you need to create a new channel and add your bot to its administrators:

      Now write any message to your chat and after that using the request:
      Get your channel's chat_id:

      and specify it in the notification settings:


SMS is configuring using the Twilio service.

  • Twilio Setup
    • 1. Register on the Twilio service.
      2. Create a new project, select "Programmable SMS":

      3. Name your project:

      4. Invite other members of your team to this project, if necessary, or simply skip this step:

      5. Open Dashboard and you will see your account ID and token ID:

      which you need to specify in the tracker notification settings:

      6. Next, click "Get Started":

      7. Choose a number, you will receive SMS from it:

      add it in the tracker notification settings:

      8. By default, you can send SMS only to the number you specified during registration and if you need to add additional, you can do it in the service settings.
      9. Make sure country of your operator is included in the list:


Additionally, you can specify any POST-parameters.