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URL Customization

For its appropriate work tracker use a sufficient number of service parameters which could be observed by third party in link. For example in links to campaigns, offers or postback.
If you want to make these links more readable, you can use built-in customization.
The customization menu is located in Settings, at URL Customization tab.

Also, note that you can specify your own key in the settings for each campaign.

Standard parameters will work even after you change them, so all of your old links will work, even if you change something in URL Customization.

Access page hiding

Sometimes you need to hide login page of the tracker from other people, in order to do this you can rename index.php:

After that you'll be able to get access to your tracker only with the direct address and will open blank page.

Cloaking campaign links

In some traffic sources it is easier to pass the moderation if you make a link to campaign looks like link to blog.


What did we change?
click - blog
camp_id=4 - can be removed completely
key - post
Instead of the key, we put article-1 in campaign settings


Parametr Using at
index.php Login page
click.php Campaign and offer links or postback
key Campaign link
key length Campaign link, key length
key chars Campaign link, key symbols
camp_id Campaign link, optional parameter
to_path Campaign link, optional parameter
to_lander Campaign link, optional parameter
set_bid Campaign link, optional parameter
cnv_id Postback, Conversion pixel
payout Postback, Conversion pixel
cnv_status Postback
cnv_status2 Postback
lp Link from offer to land
lp_type LP Pixel
img src="'+binom_link+'&lp_type=pixel&''" style="display:none"

Clean URL

If you want to remove all the extra parameters from your campaign link and make it look likeа:,
You can do this by adjusting server’s and campaign’s settings.
The server needs to be configured only once and this will be enough for all campaigns on one domain.

  • Server Setting
    • In your web-server configuration you need to specify the path /click.php?type=404 for 404 errors.
      If you have Nginx installed, then you need to make the following changes to the virtual host settings with the domain of your campaign link (for example,

                                               server {
                                                    root /var/www/binom;
                                                    # Binom customization
                                                    try_files $uri $uri/ =404;
                                                    error_page 404 = /click.php?type=404;
      After that reload your web-server.

After configuring your server, you need to specify desired key in campaign settings:

After that, your link to the campaign in the tracker will look like:,
but you can also use: