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Smart Rotation function

Traffic distribution among paths, landing pages and offers is evenly at random and relative to the weight of each item in all trackers. This is correct, but not optimal. Because the user, who visited your lander today, will turn into lead less likely than if we show him another one or the other path where the traffic would go to a new vertical. Also, the minimum probability that the user will convert for the second time on the same offer. To optimize the traffic distribution based on these hypotheses, we have appended the Smart Rotation function in the tracker.

To activate this function, go to the campaign editing and open the Advanced settings tab on the left. You can choose one of four items: None, Paths, Paths & LPs, Paths & LPs & Offers. For example, you choose the last item. Firstly, the tracker selects the path where the user has not yet been, and then it chooses the lander inside it, which he did not see, and then the offer. If the user passed all unique bundles, then all will start again. If the user converted on the offer, he will never get to this offer, except in the case if he converted on all offers (unlikely). This system works within the rules.

Flexible setting

For example, you need to send the user to the first offer (very hot), and then to all the rest. You can easily realize this just by setting their weight like this:

The first unique click will be sent by the tracker to the first offer (with a probability of 1 000/2). The following non-unique click will be distributed among the rest.

Smart fix

In a situation when you need to fix particular click for a specific path so the next click of the same user would show him remaining landings/offers from this path, use Fix On function.

With its help you can fix a click, both for its full route (path-landing-offer) as well as for its part.