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Smart Rotation

Traffic distribution among paths, landing pages, and offers is even and depends on the weight of each entity. But this is not an optimal way of traffic distribution. It's unlikely that a user will convert on the same offer twice. A user will more likely convert for the second time if you show them another landing page, or send them to another path. To optimize the traffic distribution according to these hypotheses, we added the Smart Rotation feature to Binom.

How it works

Go to the campaign settings. In the Type of distribution field the following options are available:

— Normal rotation (random)
— Paths
— Paths & LPs
— Paths & LPs & Offers

Let's select the latter option. In this case Binom will select a path where a user has not been yet, then a landing page that user hasn't seen, and then an offer. If a user has come across all unique bindings, then it all starts again. If a user converted on an offer, they won't find themselves on that offer anymore (except when they converted on all the offers). The same system works for the rules.

For example, you want to send a user to the first offer (the hottest one), and then to all the rest. You can do this easily just by setting the weights of the offers like this:

Binom will send the first unique click to the first offer (1 000 to 2), and the next non-unique clicks will be distributed among the rest.

Fix on

In a situation when you need to fix a click on something, use the smart fix option Fix on. It will allow you to fix a click on a whole flow (path > landing page > offer), or on a particular part of it.

If you fix a click on a particular path, the following clicks will send a user to other landing pages/offers in that path.