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Additional users

The tracker enables to use unlimited quantity of additional users enabled to set the access to campaign groups, offers, landings, selected sources and offer networks.

User’s creation

In order to create a user, move to topic Users in main tracker’s menu and push the button Add User:


Name, password

You can edit username and password after their creation.


The user’s group. There are three groups of the users:
- Administrator. This user can see whole information of the tracker, his activity is unlimited, he can “see” all users. Here we mention, that the main administrator (created during the tracker installation), is not displayed in the users table.
- User. Additional users, where the access rights might be limited.

Hide profit

Sometimes you don't want to show revenue and profit for user (for example - user may be responsible only for traffic buying or updating costs). In this case set checkmark for "Hide Profit" and this user won't be able to see Profit, ROI, Leads, Revenue, EPC.


User access settings

You may choose certain objects or all in any categories. In Campaign, Landings, Offers and Rotations you may also choose specific groups.
Each one campaign/offer/landing/rotation/source by default is available only for user which created this object. In order to create user who whill have access only to objects created by himself - just leave empty all the categories.


This option restricts ability to edit/delete objects in the certain category - user will be able only to view.


In order to make campaign available for the user - it's necessary to assign him traffic source and rotation (if exists) for this campaign. To make offer available - you should assign affiliate network to user.

Users menu in campaign settings

If you have more than one user in the tracker - there will be Users menu in campaign settings. Here you can see which users has access to campaign, and you may add/delete users for this campaign from here.
Administrator's account can't be deleted

Users statistics

In the topic “Users” you can see the full statistics for all campaigns, which are available for the user.

Moreover the tracker gives the possibility to form statistics for each user separately.