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Affiliate Networks

The Affiliate Networks section is needed so that you could split your offers over networks and analyze statistics of each.

Network Templates

When you need to create a large number of offers for one affiliate program, it's convenient to use templates. Once you have set up the template, you can add to the link tokens, that are relevant only for this affiliate network, in two clicks.
Tracker already has pre-installed catalog of popular network templates (button ). In the same directory, you can immediately register in the network, or vote for it.

In case if you can’t find need template - you can create it manually. Just fill 3 fields:

Offer URL template field is the main field and is responsible for the formation of the link - it must always begin with "{offer_url}&". It will add the desired partner’s parameter together with our {clickid}.
Postback URL is for information only - if you set postback here, then when you create a new offer and select this network, you will immediately see this postback, so you could easily copy and use it.
In example below, after the network template is select, the link upgraded with &s2={clickid}, and the postback is become visible.

Status payouts

There are situations, when depending on status you need to assign to lead specific price. For fine tuning click checkbox Status-payout relation:

In the first field you indicate status, in second – price, in case if price non-fixed – token {payout}.
You can make several rules by clicking Add.