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Affiliate Networks

On the Aff. networks tab you can sort your offers by affiliate networks and analyze the statistics for every one of them.

Aff. networks templates

To add offers for one affiliate network, use templates. After having your templates set, you'll be able to add tokens to an offer link of a specific affiliate network.

To add an affiliate network, click Create.

Binom has a preset templates list of the most popular affiliate networks. Click Load from catalog, to add a preset template, register in an aff. network (sign up button), or rate it.

To add a new template, fill out the following form:


An affiliate network name.

Offer URL template

The main field. It should always start with {offer_url}?. Then add an affiliate network parameter with {clickid}.

Postback URL

If you specify Postback URL here, you'll see it when crate a new offer and select this aff. network. So you can copy and paste it in an affiliate network.

After creating a template as shown above, you'll be able to select it in the offer settings. Offer's URL will get &s2={clickid}, and you'll see Postback URL in the corresponding field:

Status payouts

You can assign a specific cost to a lead depending on its status. Open advanced settings and check the Status-payout relation box:

Enter status in the first field, and the cost in the second one. If the cost is not fixed, enter the {payout} token.

To add more rules, click Add.