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Cost per click

You can track cost per click if your traffic source allows it.

How it works

Go to Traffic sources > Create, or select a previously added traffic source and click Edit.

In the Cost — Parameter field specify a link parameter. In the Cost — Placeholder field specify a token to pass cost per click to.

Keep in mind that each traffic source has its own pack of available tokens. So check documentation of your traffic source or contact a customer support team of that traffic source to learn what tokens you can use for your needs.


In the end your campaign URL will look like this:[BID]

To pass CPC automatically, open your campaign settings and check the Auto box next to the CPC field. Don't forget to select a currency that you work with:

Binom automatically converts the cost into dollars according to the European Central Bank exchange rate.

Update costs

Sometimes you might need to change costs of the received clicks. For example, if a traffic source spent more funds than expected.

Select a campaign and click Report > Update costs:

Time range

A time period you’d like to change the costs for. Select Custom date or Custom time to specify any dates and time period respectively.

Time zone

Here you can set the time zone of your traffic source. The tracker will update the cost of clicks based on the time difference between tracker and the source.


You can change the click cost for a specific token. Just select it from the list and enter its value.

Costs / CPC

Select Costs to change the costs of all clicks for the selected time period. Select CPC to change cost per click for the selected time period.

Import from CSV

You can change click costs for several campaigns and tokens at once via .csv files. The files should consist of the following lines:
Campaign id;Time zone (ex. +3);Date (yyyy-mm-dd);Cost;Token number (optional);Token value (optional)


In this case Binom will update the cost of all the clicks received on 2016-04-12 for a campaign with ID 53 and for a token with value, considering the time zone and changing the cost to $122.1.


Click Update to start the updating process. This will take some time. You can track the progress on the Monitor page: