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Trackers work monitoring

To go to the Monitor, find the Monitor tab in the topmost menu of the tracker (black bar):

You will see information about your current user and its local data:

Here you can also find links to check for update, the status of the license and changelog.
Below the detailed information about your server is displayed, it updates by a separate script every 4 hours:

Here you can find the amount of total and free space on your server, RAM, number of cores/threads, uptime, software installed, etc.
If you do not have this information - most likely you do not have our script installed, please check our FAQ in order to install one.

An important point of the Monitor - the load of the tracker:

It shows how loaded your tracker at the moment.
Load above 80% indicates that you need more powerful server.
Be careful when you use update cost - the load of the tracker can reach 100% but this is not critical. While the update you will see a notification to the right of the main information.

The amount of your traffic you can check on the graph below:

Tracker stores data only for last 24 hours and with the help of the slider from below you can study any interval in more details.

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