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Sending conversions to traffic source

Sometimes traffic sources have an internal mechanism for optimizing campaigns. This requires you to pass the information about conversions to the source. The mechanism for transferring conversions looks like this:
1) A source in a special token, for example {conversions_tracking}, transmits its own click ID.
2) If the conversion occurred on the click, the tracker sends it to the source using a special Postback URL specified in the source settings of the tracker. For example:{externalid}
3) The conversion appears in the source statistics

Example for the Exoclick network we will show how to configure the transfer of conversions to the source.
1) Set the externalid token that the source uses. In our case, this is {conversions_tracking}.

2) Specify the Postback URL of the source. In the place where the clickid should be, enter the {externalid} token:{externalid}. Instead of API_ID, use your key from Exoclick.

After performing these actions, the conversions will start to transfer to the source.

Completely configured Exoclick setting looks like this:

Be carefull, tracker with postback in the traffic source settings sends conversions for all campaigns. If you need to send only to a certain campaign - just use S2S postback in its settings.

Available tokens/h2>

You can send all available tokens with your postback url:

{clickid}Click ID
{user_id}User ID
{campaign}Campaign ID
{campaign_name}Campaign name
{path_name}Path name in campaign
{rule_name}Rule name in campaign
{campaign_key}Campaign key
{trafficsource}ID of the traffic source
{trafficsource_name}Name of the traffic source
{external_id} or {externalid}traffic source token External ID
{clickcost}Click cost
{domain}Campaign domain
{lander}Landing ID
{referer}Click referer
{time}Click time
{htime}Encrypted click time
{device_name}Device marketing name
{device_brand}Device brand
{device_model}Device model
{browser_name}Browser name
{browser_version}Browser version
{resolution}Display resolution
{os_name}User's OS
{os_version}OS version
{country}User's country
{country_code}Country code
{language}Browser language
{city}User's city
{user_agent}Browser's user agent
{offer}Offer ID
{t1}, {t2}, {t3} ... {t10}Traffic source tokens (1, 2, 3 .. 10)
{event1}, {event2} ... {event10}Events (1, 2, 3 .. 10)
{tName:NAME}Traff source tokens by name (like {tName:zoneid})