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Traffic Source add

With Binom you can work with various traffic sources that are displayed on the Traffic Sources tab. Each source you can setup individually or take one from the built-in templates.


Name - source's name.
Postback URL - URL for sending conversions to a traffic source.
Cost - token to pass click cost from traffic source. More.
External ID - click's id from traffic source, mandatory for Postback URL.


Traffic loss - here you can set the percentage of traffic loss from the source. When working with particular source, a certain percentage of traffic is lost on the way to the tracker, while for different countries the percentage of losses can vary significantly. This setting does not affect already created campaigns, it affects the amount of loss that will be set when creating a new campaign with this source.
Postback % -the percentage of conversions that will be sent to the traffic source. For example, at 50% the tracker will send every second conversion.
Payout % - the payout percentage that will be sent with the conversion to the source. With a real payment of $10 and 50% setup, tracker will send only $5 to the traffic source.

Tokens for postback URL

{clickid}id of click
{user_id}ID of user in tracker
{campaign}ID of campaign-source click
{campaign_name}Name of campaign
{path_name}Name of path in campaign
{rule_name}Name of rule in campaign
{campaign_key}Key of campaign
{trafficsource}ID of traffic source
{trafficsource_name}Name of traffic source
{external_id} or {externalid}External ID token
{domain}Domain of campaign
{lander}ID of landing page
{referer}Referer of click
{time}Time of click
{device_name}Full device name where the click came from
{device_brand}Device brand
{device_model}Device model
{browser_name}Browser name
{browser_version}Browser version
{resolution}Resolution of display
{os_name}User’s operation system
{os_version}OS version
{country}User’s country
{country_code}Code of country
{language}User's language
{city}Город пользователя
{isp}Mobile operator
{ip}User’s IP-address
{user_agent}Browser User Agent
{offer}ID of offer
{payout}Выплата за конверсию
{t1}, {t2}, {t3} ... {t10}Sources tokens
{event1}, {event2} ... {event10}Events (1, 2, 3 .. 10)
{tName:NAME}Traffic source tokens by name ({tName:zoneid})


To use tokens, check Use tokens checkbox. Each source has its own set of tokens. With them following clicks parameters can be transmitted: device, OS, ISP, country, publisher and others. Some tokens in campaigns URL look like this: ... &parameter1=placeholder1&parameter2=placeholder2& ...

Name parameter is used to add description in campaigns report

Example Exoclick