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Conversion pixel

Sending a postback from an affiliate network is the standard way to update payouts in Binom tracker, but in some cases this method is not available, for example, if the affiliate network does not support postbacks or if the conversion is made on page placed on a different server.

In this case, you can use Conversion pixel. It is a script that automatically sends a postback when the page on which it is located is opened.

You can find the conversion pixel in the Settings of the tracker in the Tracking links section.

For example, you can use Conversion pixel in a situation where you are sending traffic to a website with a registration form. After filling out the form, the user is redirected to a "Thank you" page that notifies the user of the successful completion of the action, and the conversion pixel placed on this page sends the conversion to the tracker.

Setup for an integrated landing page

In the case of an integrated landing page, you only need to add the Conversion pixel from the tracker settings to the "Thank you" page and make sure that the domain in the pixel call function matches the domain of the tracker campaign:

url: '',

After that, when you visit this page, a conversion for the current click will be added to the tracker.

Setup for a regular landing page

For a landing page on a third-party hosting, in addition to placing the Conversion pixel, you will also need to pass the clickid from the tracker to the bcid= parameter of the page with the pixel.

You can do this as follows:

First, you need to add your "Thank you" page as an offer to the campaign:

Then, add the bcid={clickid} parameter to the offer URL in the tracker. After that, you can use link to the offer to redirect the user from the landing page to the "Thank you" page after the conversion is made.

When the user visits the "Thank you" page, the bcid parameter will be replaced with the value of the clickid for the current click, and the pixel script will send the conversion to the tracker.

Conversion upon a button click

Sometimes you need to send a conversion to the tracker not upon opening a "thank you" page but upon clicking on some button on the page. Placing the call of the BPixelJS.conversion function on a onclick event on the button should be enough.

<button onclick="BPixelJS.conversion({url:''});">Buy now</button>

Make sure that the domain in the pixel call function matches the domain of the tracker campaign.