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Conversions Section

To go to this section, click on Conversions in the main menu.

You can find information on this page about each of your conversions (leads). The following conversion options are displayed:

Parameter Description
ClickidID of the conversion's click
Traffic sourceTraffic source
Time clickDate and time of the click on from which the conversion was made
Time conversionDate and time when the tracker received information about the conversion
Time since clickTime between the click and conversion. You can see how much average time passes between the click and the conversion.
PayoutPayout for the conversion. It is especially important for automatic transfer of payments from an off-line network
GEOCountry from which the click came from
In this section, you can manually add conversions to the tracker. To do this, click the Update conversions button and download the conversion report using the .csv button.


By using the clickid search, you can find information on a specific conversion. You can filter by offer, country and campaign. You can set any time frame for this report.