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SSL installation

SSL installation

In order to work via https it's required to get SSL-certificate and configure the web-server. If you used our 1-click installer to install the tracker or to add domains – it’s already done, our 1-click installer automatically installs SSL-certificates if your domain is linked to the server..
We use free Let's Encrypt service which is promoted by companies like Google and Mozilla; and its certificates are same good as certificates from commercial SSL-services.
If, for some reasons, you didn’t get SSL certificate after tracker’s installation or adding a domain – you can repeat the procedure with instructions below.

  • 1. Server setup

      This instruction works only for domains which were installed with our 1-click installer

      Step 1. Connect to the server via SSH (you can find out how to do it here);
      Step 2. Remove the old script: rm >/dev/null 2>&1

      Step 3. Download latest script using the command: wget

      Step 4. Run the command: bash ssl

      Step 5. Enter your valid and actual email (if something goes wrong while server updates the certificate – you’ll get noticed about certificate expiring):

      Step 6. Enter the domain name (or several domain names separated with space) and press Enter:

      If SSL-certificates are ready and connected to your domain(s) – you’ll see the message SSL is ready: