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Additional domains

Sometimes you need to use additional domains as Tracking URLs in order to hide tracker's domain, use several accounts in traffic sources, or in case your domain was banned by Google for phishing activity. Binom lets you have as many additional domains as you need.

Keep in mind that a freshly added domain will not work if both server and DNS were not set up.

1. Domain setup

Go to your DNS service to set up a domain. There are two ways to do this:

• Add an A record and specify IP address of your server with Binom installed
• Add a CNAME record and specify your main domain in it

The second way is better because if your server's IP address is changed, you will not have to change it for all domains — only for the main one. After the setup time zones will start updating which takes up to 24 hours. You can check if you are all set on

2. Server setup

Our 1Click autoinstaller provides users with a free SSL solution. If you want to connect https to your new domain, make sure that your domain is all set.

Step 1

Connect to your server via SSH. (more...)

Step 2

Download the latest version of 1Click by executing:
wget -O /root/

Step 3

bash /root/ trackdomain

Step 4

Select Add new domain(s) for redirects by pressing 1 and then Enter.

Step 5

Enter your new domain (or several domains separated by space) and press Enter:

Step 6

Enter your email address to generate free SSL for your domain and press Enter.

Setup complete:

If you have troubles setting up a server, contact our Customer Support team.

3. Adding domains

Go to Domains in the upper menu.


Name of domain. Your main domain will be selected by default when creating a new campaign.


Behavior of a domain's main page (read more).


The number of a domain's campaigns.


Enable/disable SSL for a domain.


Mark as default, edit, or delete (if a domain has no campaigns).

To add new domains, specify each domain in the Name of domain field and click Add new:

Main page behavior

To set up a behavior of a domain's mane page, go to Settings > URL Customization and change click.php to index.php:

Go to Domains and set up a main page via a dropdown menu in the index column:

404 Page

Simulate a 404 error.

Blank page

Just an empty page.

Choose campaign

Campaign assigning. Campaign URL will be your domain name (without any parameters).

Keep in mind that after this setup you will be able to bring the Binom admin panel back to index.php only by deleting server files.