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Additional domains

Sometimes you need to use several domains for the Tracking URL's. For example, in order to not show the primary domain of the tracker, for multiple accounts in the source or if your main domain was included in Google's malware and phishing list. In our tracker you can use an unlimited number of additional domains. In order to add another domain, go to the Domains section in main menu.

On this page you will see all of your domains, both - primary and additional (if they were added earlier). To add a new domain simply enter its name in the 'Name of domain' field and click Add new, it will be added to the list.
In the Actions field, you can make the domain primary, edit or delete it (if there are no campaigns assigned to it). The number in the Campaigns column indicates how many campaigns use this domain.

If not specified, the tracking URL in new campaigns is based on the primary domain. You can change the campaigns domain in the field:

If you do not have any additional domains, you will not see this field.

Main domain page customization

By selecting an index page in the domain settings, you can hide all of your additional domains (there will be a white background), simulate a 404 web server error, or setup a specific campaign (the link to the campaign will be simply in the form of a domain - without any parameters).
In order to enable customization, you must change click.php to index.php in the settings:

Also you need to change the login link, i.e. change index.php to, for example, admin.php.
After that you can choose the action for each of the domains:

Be careful, after these actions you will not be able to return the login panel of tracker to index.php without manual deleting files on the server.

Please note, that the added domain will not work without preliminary server and DNS setup. Instructions for those settings can be found in our manual.