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Landings Grabber

With this feature you can upload landing pages to your tracker via direct links and use them as integrated landings. Unfortunately, not all pages can be downloaded this way: vast pages with plethora complicated elements would most likely obtain some issues.

In the Landers tab click the Grab button:

Binom not only allows you to clone a landing page, but also immediately adapt it forusage.

Basic settings


A field for one or more URLs of pages to copy.


The name of the landing page. You can use the following macros:
<n> - to number each URL with a serial number.
<rand> - random four-digit number.
<time> - time in the format yy/mm/dd hh:mm.

Rewrite links

Links settings for grabbed landing page:
Rewrite to offer link - replace all links with {offer_link} token.
Not rewrite - leave links as they are.
My code - replace with your custom link:

Clear scripts - remove all JS-scripts from the code.


Grouping by language, only for statistics.

Set group

Here you can set your own grouping. More details here.

Additional settings

Add code - add your code to the Head, beginning or end of the Body.
File extention - select the extension of the landing page: HTML or PHP.