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Google blacklist

If a campaign's or landing page's domain was blacklisted by Google, visitors following your URLs will see a warning window in their browsers. This affects your profit so connect Google Safe Browsing APIs and Binom will automatically perform the blacklist check for all your domains.


Go to Settings > Stats and enter an API key from Google in the Google API key field.

Blacklisted domains will be marked as red:

Obtaining API key

To create an API key you need to have a Google Account.

Step 1

Open Google Cloud Platform, go to Dashboard > Create Project.

Step 2

Name your project (like Binom Domain Checker) and click Create.

Step 3

Open Safe Browsing API and click Enable.

Step 4

To create the key, go to Credentials > Create Credentials > API key.

The API key will be shown in the new window appeared.

Step 5

Click Restrict Key to restrict the key — it will protect your account. Select Safe Browsing API from the dropdown menu and click Save: