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Domains check for Google blocking

After your campaign or landing domain has got into the Google black list, your links will show warning in the browser. In most cases this will effect on your profits negatively and the sooner you learn about it - the better. With Google Safe Browsing API your tracker will be able to check all your landing’s and campaign’s domains automatically every 20 minutes and highlight the blocked ones.

In order to enable this feature, you need to specify your API-key from Google in the tracker settings.

  • How to obtain API-key from Google

      In order to obtain API-key, you need to have an active Google account.
      Follow this link and create new project:

      Enter any name and select an organization (optional):

      Afterwards, you need to enable Safe Browsing API, click Enable:

      Now you need to create the API-key itself:
      You will see your key, which you need to enter in your tracker settings.

      Then click on RESTRICT KEY to limit its rights - this will additionally protect your account.
      Select the Safe Browsing API in settings and click Save.