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Adding additional domains for tracking

Adding additional domain for tracking

In order to attach an additional domain to your campaign link and to your integrated landings you have to tune up the domain itself, the server and the tracker.

  • 1. Setting of your new domain

      You can set your domain through your logging service, or your DNS service.
      There are two possible ways:
      - You add an A-record with an IP-address indication of your server with the tracker;
      - You add a CNAME-record and indicate your basic domain there.
      The advantage of the second way is that if you change the server IP-address, there is no need to change it for all domains - it only has to be changed on the basic domain.
      In our FAQ you can find a more detailed description for Namecheap and
      After the configuration, you should wait until the zones are updated, this can take up to 24 hours. You can check if the domain is attached at

  • 2. Your server setting

      In your 1Click-installer we have implemented a function for free SSL generating. That is why if you want to add https for your domain, make sure that the domain is already linked with your server.

      Step 1. Connect to the server through SSH (watch here);
      Step 2. Download our latest script:
      wget -O /root/

      Step 3. Execute:
      bash /root/ trackdomain

      Step 4. Press 1 and Enter:

      Step 5. Now enter your new domain for redirects and press Enter:

      Step 6. Enter your valid mail, this is need for free SSL for your domain:

      At the end you will see:

      If you don't know whether you have a panel or not, or don't remember who and how tracker was installed - just write to our support, we will help.

  • 3. Your tracker setting

      Step 1. Go to the "Domains" tab in the tracker;
      Step 2. Enter the domain name in the field 'Name of domain';
      Step 3. Click "Add new".