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Integrated landers

Tracker usually gets the click and redirects it to the landing page (if used), but we have improved this scheme. Our tracker can upload the code of your lander and avoid the additional redirects. This means that the lander will be opened through the tracker link (to the specified domain in the campaign settings). This will help to reduce the traffic loss on redirects, increase the ROI by the fast loading of landing page, as well as helping in some sources where they don't like redirects changes and to do redirects in general.

How to use them?

1) Change the code of your lander as follows:
- Where you have a link to the offer, use the token {offer_link}. If your landing page is the multi-offers lander, then use this code {offer_link}&to_offer=N..
- In all js scripts where backfix is used to the lander, use backfix to the offer or to the individual campaign, otherwise the clicks will be duplicated because the traffic will actually go back to the campaign ( in this case the lander URL and campaign URL is the same).
- Replace the output of all parameters from js code to tokens from the table below (exactly the same are used in the lander URL on the classical scheme with redirect).

Token Description
{clickid}click ID
{campaign}ID of campaign-source click
{trafficsource}ID of traffic source
{lander}ID of landing page
{domain}ID of domain
{device_name}Full device name where the click came from
{device_brand}Device brand
{device_model}Device model
{browser_name}Browser name
{browser_version}Browser version
{os_name}User’s operation system
{os_version}OS version
{country}User’s country
{city}User’s city
{isp}Mobile operator
{ip}User’s IP-address
{user_agent}User's agent
{t1}, {t2}, {t3} ... {t10}Source tokens
2) Back up the lander files in Zip archive, if your landing page are using some folders (e.g. images, js, css). If there are no folders, it is possible to do without archive.
3) Press the Create button in the Landers section, entre the name of landing page and choose the No-redirect item in the URL field..
4) Select the zip archive file or landing page files (no folders). Click on the Upload Lander button. After downloading, you will see a line indicating where the lander files are located relative to the root folder of the tracker.:

5) Select a group, language and number of offers on the lander, if it is multi-offers.
6) Click on Save to save lander and you can use this lander as basic with redirect.

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