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Integrated landing pages

Tracker usually gets a click and redirects it to a landing page (if there is any), but we've improved this scheme. With Binom you can specify a landing page code and get rid of that additional redirect. Which means a tracking link (a link to a domain specified in the campaign settings) will open a landing page. This will reduce the traffic loss on redirects and increase the ROI thanks to the quick load of a landing page. Moreover, some traffic sources don't allow to change redirects, or don't allow redirects at all.


1. Change the code of your landing page as follows:

— Use the token {offer_link} instead of the offer URL. If you have a multioffer landing page, use the {offer_link}&to_offer=N code (N — the number of an offer).

— Change landing backfix to offer backfix or campaign backfix in all the JS scripts. This will prevent clicks from duplicating, because the traffic will be sent to a campaign (a landing URL and a campaign URL are the same in this case).

— Change the output of all the parameters from js code to tokens. (available tokens)

Here's an example of a simple page which shows a user's device and ISP, and allows to go to an offer by Click URL:

                      <title>Simple integrated landing</title>
                      This is your phone — {device_name}, and this is your Internet service provider — {isp}.
                      <a href="{offer_link}">Click to your offer</a>

To get token values from the tracker in your PHP code, use the following function:
{token} is any token you want to get values of.

For example, by calling the {isp} token you will have your user's ISP shown on the page.

2. If your landing has folders, compress all the files into a .ZIP archive. Skip this step, if there are no folders.

3. Go to Landers > Create, name your landing page and select No-redirect in the URL field.

4. Click the new upload area and select your landing page files or .ZIP archive. When the files are uploaded you will see where the landing page files are located:

5. Specify a group, language, and number of offers on the landing page.

6. Click Save.

Campaign via domain with no redirect

One of the possible ways of using integrated landings is sending traffic to the domain index page without redirection.

1. Create a campaign with an integrated landing.

2. Go to Settings > URL Customization and customize the homepage of your domain. (more...)

3. Go to Domains, in the Index column next to your domain select Choose campaign and then the campaign you've created.

Done, now the integrated lander you set in the campaign will be shown directly on the main domain page