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Triggers are the first step to auto-optimization of your campaigns. With properly configured triggers, you can not to be afraid of blocked domains, sudden drops of ROI or LP CTR, disabled offer links and many other abnormal situations.

Basic settings

Name - name of your trigger.
Group - group of triggers.
Object Sleep Time - – the period of time for which this trigger will be switched off after it triggering.
Status - the status of the trigger, on or off.
Execute - trigger’s check menu:
1) Condition - tracker will check if the object meets conditions.
2) Condition + Actions - tracker will check if the object meets conditions and if it meets tracker will perform the action specified in the Actions field.
3) Actions & Notification - tracker will perform the action specified in the Actions field and send configured notification.

Work logic

Each trigger includes three functional settings:
- The main condition for triggering - Condition;
- Actions to perform after triggering - Actions;
- Notifications after triggering - Notifications.


In this section, you select a specific object to check for a trigger, namely, in what place of the tracker and what data should be monitored.

You can select the following objects (Object):
- Everything that is in the tracker (campaigns, landings, offers);
- Campaigns: all, groups of campaigns or separately taken;
- Landings: all, groups of landings or separately taken;
- Offers: all, groups of offers or taken separately;
- Specific URL.

In each type of objects different data can be tracked (Condition):
- Tracker metrics: number of clicks, leads, LP CTR, CR, EPC, etc.;
- Domains ban (more);
- Link unavailability (tracker checks for 200 response code);
- CAP overload;
- Specified response by the link (JSON, HTML page, etc.).

After you select Condition parameter, you need to specify its value and timeframe, which will be checked, for example, the number of leads in the last 30 minutes:


If trigger meets its conditions, then tracker will perform the action that you specify in the Actions section.
At this point, you can configure the following actions:

Webhook - a webbook to the specified URL with necessary POST parameters;

Switch Domain - change the domain of landing pages in tracker to the specified ones;

Switch Rotation - change the rotation in campaigns to the specified ones;

Change Routing - pause or changing weight for choosed paths/landers/offers/rules in campaign;

Pause Everywhere - - turning off landing/offers in all active campaigns.
Safe Mode option instead of disabling just puts weight to 0 for them.


The information that your trigger has worked you can receive through notifications.
At the moment, you can configure 4 different ways of notifications: letter to email, message to telegrams, SMS or webhook.

More information about notifications settings you can see in our article.