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Distribution rules

In addition to the distribution of clicks on the main paths, landing pages and offers, our tracker can distribute traffic based on the rules. To add a new rule to the campaign click on on the campaign edit page. The following window will open:

Work logic

The rules consist of criteria - conditions of a certain type (country, city, OS, etc.), we will describe them further. To add new criteria to the rule, click Add criteria button into the corresponding rule.

All rules work with "top-down" priority - the higher rule, the more priority it has.
Priority of any rule can be changed with the Weight buttons.

Between several criteria performed AND operation, , i.e. When both conditions are satisfied.
Inside the criteria works OR operation, i.e. If one of the conditions is satisfied.
Between several rules in the campaign - OR.

Types of rules

Our tracker allows to distribute the incoming traffic based on the following parameters. Select one of them.

Rule type Description
Brand & Model Brand and model of the device
Browser & version User's browser and its version
OS & version User’s ОS and its version
Language Browser language
Device type Device type: Desktop, Smartphone, Feature Phone, Table, Smart-TV, Unknown
Device resolution Device resolution
Country Country
City City
ISP Internet service provider
Connection type Connection type
IP IP-address
User agent User agent
Day of week Day of week
Part of day Part of day
Referrer Referrer
Unique User’s uniqueness in the current campaign or on all campaigns
Proxy-traffic Proxy-traffic with sub-IP
GET Value entry in GET-parameters URL
URL Value entry in URL
Tokens Tokens source

Brand & Model, Browser & version, OS & version

Once you choose these options, you will see this interface:
Click on the box with the blue border and start entering the device name. Tracker will display those names that include the entered word. Select the correct device from the drop-down list:

and it will appear in the field:

You can also select the 'Samsung' line. In this case, the tracker will send to the rule all users with Samsung device.

You can append multiple devices and brands in one rule. Just paste the new value next to the already added one.

In the same way, the rules are added by browsers and the OS. For example:

Press on the Save button and the rule will be added in the campaign.

Select Landing page/Direct and Offer/ URL/ Campaign to redirect the traffic under this rule.
You can add additional criteria in this rule by clicking on Add criteia.
Between the criteria is performed the operation AND, i.e. when both conditions are performed.
Within the criteria - the operation OR, i.e. one of the conditions is performed.
Between the rules in the campaign - the operation OR.

Language, Device type, Device resolution, Country, City, ISP

Click on the blue field and select an item from the list or start entering the value.

User agent, Referrer, Tokens

Once you select these options in the list of redirect type, download the list of values in the text field that you want to implement the redirection, each on a new line. Redirecting by referrer, you can choose "Include empty and unknown value” to put empty/unknown referrers in the list.


In our tracker are available the rules on IP, as well on IP-ranges of formats and (CIDR entry). Just append the list of values in the text field and press on Save.

Day of week

Tick the days of the week in which you want to redirect the traffic by the rule.

Part of day

Insert the part of day in which you want to send the traffic by the rule.


GET – these criteria looks for values in GET-variables. For example, if we specified “value” in criteria, then the rule will work for:
and will not work for:

URL- this criteria looks for entered criteria in whole link. For example, we can specify “123&cost” and it will work in this case:

List of values operation

To download the list of values, click on
In the appeared form, copy the list of values and click the Append button.

All values will append in the blue field:

To copy the list of values, press the button,
then press the

Exact match

Tracker looks for the entering (match) of values into any parameter in all rules. For example, if you selected the redirect by OS and specified the value of Android 2, then the tracker will send by this rule all devices with OS Android 2.*, for example, Android 2.1.3. It is convenient in most cases. But if you need, for example, redirect only Android 2.1, you can select Exact match below the text field.

Paths in rules

In rules you can create several paths. You can create new path by clicking button + Path.

Comparison Operators and Regular Expressions

From version 1.8 you can apply symbols ">", "=>","<", "=<" and "<>"in criteria. In order to apply that condition, you need to take it in <{...}> brackets. For example, if you want to use more or equal 100 criteria in second token, you need to write down:

In construction <{/.../}> you can add any regular expression. For example, for criteria <{/Hel*o/}> /}> will pass Hello, Helo, Heo, Helllllllllllo, etc, and for criteria <{/[0-9]/}> will pass all integer values from 0 to 9. More information about regular expression you can find here.

Rules copy

Any rule in the campaign can be copied and pasted into any other campaign (including the source one). It can be done with copy icon under the Actions header:

The Clear Buffer button clears the copied rule from the buffer.
In order to drop the rule down, you can use the Weight arrows.
If you need to copy more than one rule, or even all of them - you should use rotations.


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