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Conversion's Cost Transfer

Conversion's cost (payout) is the amount of money you get for each lead. Basing on it, tracker calculates your revenue. In our tracker there are two options for tracking payou: fixed assignment conversion's cost in offer settings or automatic receive from the offer-network.

Fixed payout

This type is set by default when you create an offer. In the Payout field, you can set the cost of each conversion in dollars. In this case, if the cost is also transferring in Postback URL, tracker will register cost you set manually, ignoring cost in Postback.

Automatic transfer of payout

It is more convenient to transfer cost automatically. You won’t miss the payments change on your offer and will have more accurate statistics of revenue. The cost is transferred to the Postback URL RL with special token &payout=. For automatic cost transfer check the Auto checkbox in your offer settings.

Different affiliate-networks provide different tokens for transferring the conversion's cost. Here are examples for two largest partner systems:
Hasoffers -{aff_sub}&payout={payout}
Cake -
For other networks, check for right tokens in the documentation, or ask your manager.