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Postback URL

Using the Postback URL, offer network transmits information about conversions to the tracker. Postback URL you can find in settings of your tracker and it has the following format:{NETWORK_TOKEN}&payout={PAYOUT_TOKEN}
Where - is the full path to your tracker.

If you want to pass the conversion's status (signup, checkout, approve, reject etc), then Postback URL will look like:{NETWORK_TOKEN}&payout={PAYOUT_TOKEN}&cnv_status={CONVERSION_STAUS}

In cnv_id transmits clickid, which was assigned with particular conversion Clickid generates for every user and transmits to the offer network by {clickid} token in offer's URL. If particular user become a "conversion", then offer network sends Postback to tracker by Postback URL.

{NETWORK_TOKEN} is different from one network to another. Here are the most common:

Offer network Token clickid Token payout

Payout token transmits conversion cost (more information about conversion's costs transition find here).

Conversion Pixel

Sometimes offer networks do not support regular Postback URL, but use Postback Pixel (Conversion Pixel, Tracking Pixel) instead. You can find it in tracker settings, in Tracking pixel URL section at very bottom. It looks like this:

                    function getUclick_c(){
                      var e=document.cookie.match(new RegExp("(?:^|; )"+"uclick"+"=([^;]*)"));
                      return e?decodeURIComponent(e[1]):void 0
                    function cnv_pixel(){
                      var e="",n=document.createElement("img");
                      "function"==typeof window.getUclick_c?n.src=e+"click.php?cnv_id=OPTIONAL&payout=OPTIONAL&uclick="+getUclick_c():n.src=e+"click.php?cnv_id=OPTIONAL&payout=OPTIONAL"

In addition, Conversion Pixel can be used when conversion made on your landing. For example, when you provide traffic to your site with a registration form, after which user falls to thankyou.html page. Such transfer (registration) will be a lead. You can place Conversion Pixel in code of this page and the lid will come to tracker. In addition, you can provide traffic to such site even without tracker’s redirect - directly. For this use LP Pixel.
Please note that the domain in the Conversion Pixel code must match to the domain of your campaign.

The conversion statuses

Often you need to get multiple conversions on one click. For example, when you work with sales you need to receive zero-payout conversion when client orders and some income payout when client approves order. To do so, specify in tracker settings option to receive several conversions for one click (click Upsells checkbox in offer settings). In that case you can mark every conversion with a certain status (signup, checkout, approve, reject, etc.). Add to Postback URL parameter &cnv_status={CONVERSION_STATUS}, and instead {CONVERSION_STATUS} - specify the required status for each conversion.
If you need additional status, you can use &cnv_status2=.
Both statuses can be grouped together in a reports.

You can see the status of specific conversions in the campaign’s report (Leads statistic) or in Conversion tab (only first status appears).